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spring break camps

a fun & enriching experience for all kids in our community
(not just homeschoolers)!

Monday - Friday
9am - 3pm
K - 4th Grade

$40 per child/per day
"a la carte" style - sign up for any days you'd like
or the whole week!

Location: Sisters Community Church

Each week will be full of story telling, fun games, arts & crafts, interactive projects, and more!

Green Coral and Fish

Week One: NATURE

March 18 - 22

Each day is a brand new experience as we dive into each unique ecosystem

Monday - Desert

Tuesday - Tundra

Wednesday - Ocean

Thursday - Rain Forest

Friday - Grassland

Old Globe


March 25 - 29

Join us as we travel the world!

Monday - South America

Tuesday - Europe

Wednesday - Asia

Thursday - Africa

Friday - Australia

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