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a usual or ordinary thing

Home education infuses commonplace occurrences with awe and wonder. The mundane unveils itself as miraculous; the ordinary as otherworldly. We are surrounded by common miracles, we need only to stop and see. This requires slowness and intention, but also a bit of childlike enthusiasm for life and all of its intricacies.


The nursing baby, the toddler putting on a pair of socks, the child doing their 100th cartwheel, the teenager solving an algebraic equation... all are miraculous culminations of thousands of tiny physical and mental processes and yet, how often do we miss it? We focus on the physical toll of nursing on our bodies, hurry our toddler along and put their socks on ourselves because we have to run out the door, tell our child that we've seen them do a cartwheel before, suggesting that the 100th isn't as worthy of our attention, and fret that our teenager has not checked enough boxes on some fabricated list of educational standards.


What if we just relished in the beauty of it all? Took comfort in the fact that the mere act of living is learning? Slowed down and released the invisible cares that pull joy out of everything?


This is your license to let go. If this life is made up almost entirely of commonplace moments, aren't those the ones we want to notice and celebrate?

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