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Our first year is complete and it feels good to be stepping into summer with dreams and aspirations for year two firmly planted in my heart. Our inaugural year contained so many sweet moments - from weekly classes and chapel to the field trips and craft fairs. There were many core memories made that will be tucked away forever. I want to personally thank every one of you that was involved this past year. You will always be the flagship group and foundation of Commonplace.


My purpose for this blog is to simply add another element to our homeschool community. I will be sharing news and information about the co-op, recaps of events, and plans for the future. Beyond that, I hope that this space will be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and resources pertaining not only to home education, but marriage, parenting, and more. Our experienced community will also be called upon to share their wisdom.


I pray that this summer we will be infused with a renewed passion for pouring into our children and an unshakable commitment to finish the work that we have started. Let us fully embrace the long days, bright sun, and unbridled energy that summer brings. We can set structure aside during this season, being confident that our children's learning, growth, and development do not stop with time away from formal curriculum, but surely accelerate.


Will you join me in praying for our co-op this summer? I am asking the Lord to reveal His plans for us, to show us how to meet the needs of our community, to bring older kids into our group, and to connect us with young mamas needing guidance and encouragement in the beginning steps of their journey.


What a privilege it is to teach my girls at home and to do it alongside of so many incredible families! Thank you!

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